Where to Go

The historic country of Morocco is a combination of aesthetic simplicity and sensuous luxury. The place attracts a stylish crowd of tourists who want to enjoy the winter sun. The dusky, pink-walled city of Medina, the luxurious city of Marrakech and other places all over the country prides itself a great density of trendy boutique lodgings and the large collection of shopping places will keep tourists busy all day long.

Even the tourists who aren’t into shopping will be surprised by the vibrancy, diversity and color that surrounds all the souks and bazars. So, in short, the new-wave places, the fabulous nightclubs and the beautiful and vibrant bazaars make Morocco the best place to visit during the winter.

chefchouanTravel back in time as you wander through the medieval streets in Fes and discover the souk as well as the character of the various quartiers. There are the bars in Casablanca too where you can relive the iconic movie moments. Feast under the stars in the Sahara where you can sip Moroccan tea, or spend time in one of Africa’s most famous meeting places, the Djemaa El Fna in Marrakech. Watch storytellers and snake charmers at work in this magical arena as the stallholders cook over flames. Discover the distinctive flavor of tagine, the sweetest oranges, and delicious pastries as you try out the famous cuisine.

Morocco has beautiful beaches from Agadir along the coast to Tangier and to Essaouira. For a winter break in the sun, Morocco is ideal and perfect for families. Kids will love the camels and the chaotic markets. There are fishing towns and charming restaurants to enjoy here. The architecture is inspirational and a walk through the Kasbah in Meknes or Casablanca is stunning. This is a country of brilliant artists and craftsmen and the work in the souks and in the buildings is a testament to their talent and legacy.


The Atlas Mountains are another spectacular region in Morocco, including the highest point in North Africa. Whether you enjoy walking or mountain biking there are many beautiful trails to explore and some of the friendliest Berber villages en route. Morocco is a melting pot of cultures and a joy to discover. Why not see for yourself and take a journey to a very special country.