Atlas Hiking and Desert Trekking

Hiking in Morocco


Morocco has some of the best hiking routes in North Africa and there are many beautiful places to go. Here are just a few to tempt you into putting on your boots and taking a walk somewhere different.

The High Atlas Mountains

Probably the most renowned area for hikes, one of the best parts are all the Berber villages and communities that brighten up a walk in this region. Expect to be distracted from your hike for a cup of mint tea with the locals. One of the highlights here is to be able to walk to the top of Mount Toukbal, North Africa’s highest peak. It is not unusual to find snow on the summit, and the scenery below is magnificent. The Atlas has many other Jebels or mountain peaks that are suitable for hiking and is very popular all year round.

Walk in the Anti-Atlas

Morocco also has the Anti-Atlas Mountain range which are excellent for walks as well as mountain biking. There are many lovely trails here around Tafraoute  with stunning scenery, palmeries and friendly locals. In short, it has all the ingredients for a fabulous hike. Don’t forget to take a walk around Tiznit, a fascinating medieval town in this area.

Moroccan Desert Hiking – Trekking:

Who could come to North Africa without seeing the Sahara Desert? There are lots of camel treks here but there are places to walk as well. This is a fascinating region and will surprise you with the variety of sand colors, rock formations, and wildlife. Walking unguided is not recommended.

From snow to sunshine, Morocco has a wonderful variety of environments which make excellent hiking. At the end of a hard day in the hills there is no better way to scrub off all the dirt than with a traditional hammam and massage. Go try it.