Morocco Beaches

Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco possesses thousands of kilometers of coastline whose varied landscapes and inviting beaches fulfill the desires of all tourists, Whether you enjoy swimming with your family or more physical activities such as jet skiing, surfing, sailing, kite surfing or windsurfing, you can find everything you wish for on the long sandy beaches of Oualidia, Dar Bouazza, Taghazout, Agadir or Essaouira.

On the more sculpted coastline of the Mediterranean, between Tangier and Al Hoceima, the sea is calm and gentle and the beaches are cozier. Some of them are close to small traditional fishing villages, nestled in the corners of some heavenly landscape. In parallel, new resorts are emerging such as Tamuda Bay near Tetouan and Saidia, a new resort on the Mediterranean coastal region. Facing Andalusia, Mediterrania-Saida extends over 700 hectares with 6km of white beach seafront. Al Hoceima is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and rich wildlife.

Choose a relaxing moment facing the Strait of Gibraltar in Tangier, or on the islands of Mogador… While enjoying a walk over the steep cliffs and wild coves, sunbathe in the lagoons, or slide on the high waves of the Atlantic Ocean … The coastline, which is more than 3 000 km long, offers amazing views and all sea pleasures to the traveler. A true paradise for endless nature lovers.

Morocco Top Beaches

Between Rabat and Casablanca, discover the beaches of Temara: stretching over 25 km of coastline, the “Golden Sand” beaches are absolutely stunning! Once you are in Casablanca, take a walk along the coastal road: you will find a succession of beaches, outdoor cafes, hotels and seawater pools. The coastal road is the meeting point of joggers during the early hours of the day and is where people go for a stroll at sunset.


From El Jadida, follow the coastal road to Safi : 7 km south, enjoy the cool beaches of Sidi Bouzid El jadida, a world class surfing point-break. Regular, fast and powerful, its wave is ranked among the ten best in the world.

credit: Peter Seibt

credit: Peter Seibt

Not far away, discover the lagoon of Oualidia, the Pearl of the Atlantic. It’s the quietest beach on the Atlantic coast. The ocean forms a lagoon where relaxation and serenity are guaranteed. This is the perfect place for those who want to unwind and relax.

Towards Safi, you will discover the beach of Lalla Fatna: well sheltered at the foot of the cliffs, it is ideal for fishing and swimming. Further south, Essaouira and Mogador islands are homes to beautiful landscapes of dunes, coastal cliffs and lagoons, which adds a special charm to Essaouira.

On the coastal road between Agadir to Tan-Tan, 40 km north of Tiznit, make your way to the reserve of the Oued Massa where you’ll find a huge beach and a very impressive troglodyte village! The landscape is a breathtaking wonder, especially when the wind picks up and the sea is agitated.

When you arrive in Dakhla, make sure you do not miss its deserted beaches, especially Pointe du Dragon, a place known all over the world for its watersports as well as Puertito beach, which is ideal for Saharan camping.

The best part about a beach vacation in Morocco is not just the tantalizing shores and warm waves.  It is the beaches coupled with the fact that all around you lies hiking, historic medinas, and great food.  This  makes Morocco the perfect place to spend a few weeks relaxing and soaking up the sun and culture.