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When you are looking for a holiday destination or somewhere abroad to go and visit for a new lease of life and culture, have you ever considered Morocco?

Recognized as one of the jewels of Africa, Morocco is a thoroughly modern country with stunning landscapes and an extremely hospitable people. Of course, the first place that people tend to check when they visit Morocco is Marrakech, the most significant of the “Royal Cities” in Morocco. Long seen as a playground for the wealthy and the famous, Marrakech is full of celebrity villas and with such a stunning view it is easy to see why.

The sea and the desert are all within a close proximity to Marrakesh, and it is more than worth checking out if you are looking to see Morocco for all of its beauty. La Mamounia is the hotel of choice for those looking for the full luxury when they are staying in Morocco. If you have never been treated to the life of luxury offered here in Morocco, you simply need to start with La Mamounia.

The climate within Morocco varies greatly, depending on where you are. If you are to visit the Atlas section of the country, where the Rocky Mountains lay, you could be met with intense colds and snow. However, just a few hours travel takes you to the burning, arid dunes of the Erg Chebbi near the Sahara desert. This massive mix of different environments within the one place immediately gives Morocco a unique feeling.
One of the most stunning sights in the whole country is in the Sahara, and it is the 150-foot tall sand dunes. These dunes have been shaped by the wind over many years and their unique orange hue gives it a truly special place in the minds of those who have visited this part of the country.

Part of the countries charm is the complete opposites from one side to the other, so make sure that once you experience the stunning sands of the south that you make your way up north to take in some of the beautiful mountain ranges at the top.

Morocco is arguably the most powerful part of Northern Africa, and it is a huge tourist attraction the world over for its massive array of different cultures and climates, as well as the brilliant record of tourist safety. Every year, more people come to visit this jewel of Africa and if you have never been, you should consider changing that immediately.