Do I need a Visa to Morocco?

Most nationalities including those from the US, Canada and the UK (other nationalities can get more info here) don’t need a visa to visit Morocco for the purpose of tourism. Your Passport should be valid for at least 6 months beyond your return date. When entering Morocco, make sure your passport is stamped, which will allow you to stay for up to 3 months.


Moroccans speak many different languages

  • Arabic and Berber are considered Morocco’s two official languages.
  • Moroccan Arabic (Darija) is what majority of people use in their everyday interactions.
  • French is considered the third unofficial language of morocco; it is often used in business and government and remains the language used in Higher Education.
  • Because of the close proximity, Spanish is also spoken in the north of Morocco.
  • English, while still far behind French and Spanish in terms of the number of speakers, is rapidly becoming the second foreign language of choice among educated youth and spoken in popular tourist area.


  • The national currency is the Dirham (MAD).
  • The Dirham is officially designated as a closed currency meaning it cannot be exchanged or purchased outside of Morocco
  • While it is considered against the law to take dirhams outside of Morocco, the import and export of the currency is tolerated up to a limit of 1000dh.
  • The best place to exchange money it is at a bank or approved exchange office.
  • Credit cards are accepted in hotels and in many modern shopping centers, although you may get a better price for a cash transaction.
  • Credit card companies and/or your bank should be notified to the dates of your travels to Morocco so your card will not be declined abroad. Notify the issuer and give them a ‘phone number where you can be contacted abroad
  • Traveler’s checks are not recommended for use in Morocco and are becoming less useful; banks often charge high fees to exchange them.

What is the electrical system in Morocco?

The voltage in Morocco is mostly 220V, 50 Hz (two pin round plugs).  Always check electronic items to make sure they “dual voltage” and they can handle 110-220 volts.

What is the largest city in Morocco?

According to latest Moroccan census, the population of the Greater Casablanca reached, on 1 September 2014, the number of 4,270,750 people.

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