Best Beaches in Morocco

Morocco poses as an ideal travel destination for soaking up the sun on a sublime turquoise beach with white sands and all year round sunshine. With a mixture of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Coast, there is definitely an abundance of beach hotspots and hidden gems accommodating everyone from an avid surfer, to a sun worshiper who wants to sunbathe all day, a couple wanting the ultimate retreat or a family wanting to build sandcastles.

Although Marrakech itself doesn’t have a beach, there are several amazing beaches just couple of hours away, making it easily accessible for those wanting to enjoy the beach even when travelling into the hustle and bustle of Morocco.



Tetouan’s boasts what has been considered some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean World.  With its clear waters, golden sands and the mountainaous backdrop making Tetouan and its beaches extremely attractive to tourists.

The coastal town of Martil is 10 kilometres east of Tetouan, while Mdiq is 14 kilometres and Fnideq is 35 kilometres. These breathtaking towns really capture the glamorous beauty of Tetouan, boasting exquisite restaurants and the most luxurious hotels and resorts. With King Mohammad VI choosing to spend his summer vacations in Mdiq, and deciding to make both Tetouan and Tangier, Morocco’s summer capitals. A large amount of investment has gone into making this city and its surrounding coastline the very best.

The Tetouan coast primarily consists of rocky beaches with some sandy beaches in between such as Azla, Tamarnut, Samsa, Wad Law and Jabha. Whatever you prefer, you can be assured that it will be beautiful clear waters, pristine surroundings and an abundance of water activities to keep you entertained.

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Also known as the “Blue Pearl”, this gorgeous beach is located in the province of Berkane. It’s easy to see where it got its nickname as the clear turquoise water just beckons you in. The charming new resort community offers old Moroccan architecture mixed with modern luxuries. The resort area is a great place for relaxing under eucalyptus trees, boating, sailing, and diving all along the beach.



Essaouira possesses a magical energy, with a romantic air that sweeps the city. Perhaps it’s the ramparts that grace the beach or the Andalucían style houses. Or perhaps it’s the spirit of the Gnaoua people and the music, teamed with the many bohemians, artists and musicians. The 18th century fortified town, with the original canons still in place and also where Orson Wells shot his Othello, “The Moor of Venice. Whatever it is, the ambience and the beach prove to be both awe inspiring and extremely relaxing.

Essaouira beach is the ideal destination for avid participants in water sports, but this aside, you can simply relax on the beach, take a leisurely stroll or climb the ramparts. Essaouira Bay, Sidi Kaouki, Cape Sim and Mouley Bouzertoune boast some of the best water sport opportunities in Morocco. All while absorbing the delicious aromas of the fish shacks located by the port.

Pick your fish of choice, and watch them grill to pure perfection. Diabat is a nearby Berber Village about 10 minutes from Essaouira. The beach here is free from tourists, but offers the opportunity of horse riding not only on the beach but throughout the town. Be sure to make a stop at the Jimmy Hendrix Café, created in memory of the musician himself as he regularly visited Morocco. Then take a leisurely stroll back to Essaouira via the beach just in time to soak up the beautiful sunset in one of the friendliest places in Morocco.

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Located on the Atlantic Coast, Agadir is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Morocco.  Agadir is one of the main beach resorts in Morocco.  A beach full of class and luxury, there are many fine resorts here as well as private clubs and an expansive marine.

Agadir usually draws an older crowd that is looking for the luxury and comforts of the resorts, but surfers flock here as well for the surfing spots here and along the coast.  If you want sunshine this is the place to be, with no less than 300 sunny days a year.

The port is a great place for a stroll, and sunbathing and swimming are great activities here.  It is also close to the Atlas Mountains which makes a great day trip from the resort.



Where the sea meets the Sahara, with a beautiful Lagoon nestled between the two. Dakhla is unlike anything you have ever seen before. With its Nomadic traditions intact, Dakhla welcomes guests wanting to explore both the Sahara and its breathtaking Dakhla Bay.

Dakhla Bay is a surfer’s paradise with the north-east trade winds blowing in regularly from March to September. The sublime golden sand and incredibly clear waters make this an idyllic place to sunbathe, camel ride, deep sea fish or fish from the shore, embark on an array of water sports or simply people watch.

Dakhla Beach

Be sure to visit the famous White Dunes in the Bay, where you may just spot some beautiful Pink Flamingos. Dakhla is known for attracting Surfers as it currently stands as a sought after surf destination, competing with the likes of Hawaii.  So if you are a novice, there are an abundance of surf camps willing to teach you a thing or two.

Al Hoceima


Located Northern Morocco on the Mediterranean Coast, the town of Al Hoceima is less known amongst overseas visitors but is a popular holiday destination with Moroccans. It is right on the edge of the Rif Mountains and has some of the best beaches around. Al Hoceima is also renowned for its Spanish influence with the culture and architecture.

The best part about a beach vacation in Morocco is not just the tantalizing shores and warm waves. It is the beaches coupled with the fact that all around you lies hiking, historic medinas, and great food. This makes Morocco the perfect place to spend a few weeks relaxing and soaking up the sun and culture.

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